Instructions for a Blog post

Blog Entry Instructions

1. Go to website, and press escape key

2. Username and password will be provided to you by Kathy Dinwiddie

3. Click on the “Blog” Page - Be sure to only click the blog page, as you don’t want to accidentally make changes to another page.

4. In the upper right corner of your browser window there is a large capital “A”. Click it.

5. On the Blog Page, click the gray box that says “post new entry”

6. Create a title for you blog post like “An Afternoon Hike in Stehekin”

7. Start Typing your content in the large white text area.

8. To insert a picture, look at the upper left corner of the large white text input area.

9. Next to the word add:, there are four pictures.

10. Click the second picture from the left

11. Click “upload an image”

12. Click browse

13. Locate the image you want to upload on your hard drive and double click it

14. Click upload file

15. Check the box to make the image a thumbnail (for the most part, if you like the size of your image as is, then there is no need

16. Click save and close

17. Continue with your blog post

Notes for Replacing a photo

1. Sometimes replacing photo affects the surrounding text and format. You may need to drag the photo around and adjust the text to return the format to its orginal state

2. When you click on a picture an edit bar comes up that allows you to change the alignment. If you’re having trouble getting a picture to where you want it to go, dry using a different alignment

3. If you make a mistake and something looks wrong, DO NOT click save! It is much easier to click cancel and go back to the original look, than to try to undo any mistakes.


Sample Blog Post 2

Posting Blog entries is very easy.  As is entering a picture:

Very Simple!



Spring in Stehekin.....

Sitting along the Stehekin River with daisies blooming at my feet....ahh...nothing better than spring in Stehekin.





this is a sample blog post

blah blah blah